Creative Focus

One of the common problems for new photographers is challenges with  focusing slightly in front or behind of the part of the image that needs to be sharp.   At the same time, it’s possible to  creatively focus where you don’t accidentally get it slightly wrong,  but instead intentionally make your shots obviously out of focus.  This technique is particularly effective when you either have a plain background which means nothing in your shot is in focus – or, as I have done in the examples below, when there’s a secondary element of the image that you leave in focus with the main focal point out of focus enough for it to be obvious but in focus enough to still know what it is.

flower-sampson_sm.jpgfocus1.jpgfocus2.jpgfocus3.jpgfocus4.jpgfocus5.jpgfocus6.jpgfocus7.jpgfocus8.jpgfocus9.jpgLooking back on Sampson_sm.jpgsammyLBtree.jpg