National Geographic Daily Dozen Contest  Winner

Winner of the National Geographic Daily Dozen Contest

Mark Muschett is a  natural light pet photographer serving Peterborough and the Kawarthas.   He is very passionate about his photographic art as he strives to create unique and striking photographs that capture the imagination of the viewer.

Specializing in portraits of dogs,  he does all photography outdoors or in your home, using mostly natural light.  Happy, comfortable animals,  along with his unique style and approach, ensure beautiful and expressive photographs that are sure to warm your heart.

His approach showcases his love of and affinity for animals and his photographic vision and skills.  His talent has been honed through shooting literally many thousands of photographs of his two dogs, his friend’s and families’ dogs, and his client’s dogs.

In addition to the galleries found on this site, please consider browsing his personal site on Flickr where you will see much more of his work.


Jessica wrote:

“I LOOOVE Mark’s work.

He can always capture the best in his dogs. In any case or scenario, he brings out beauty and joy. I am so happy to know his work, and stream. I am always left speechless at every single photo. It’s just stunning how he can take a photo so perfectly. Mark needs his own word that defines him as being more than amazing.”


Jess wrote:

“Mark is such an awesome contact. All of his photos are magical and beautiful. Some of his photos are the best photos I’ve ever seen.”


Elizabeth G. wrote:

“‘Bout time I wrote Mark a testimony. It’s the OODLES that captured my attention the moment I came across Mark’s photostream. Poodles used to be my least favorite breed, but after being owned by a Poodle mix for several years, they’ve started to grow on me. And now, I am a Poodle fanatic.  These oodles of poodles are full of adventure, are smart, dumb, happy, loyal, playful, willing to please, crazy, have unpredictable zoomie attacks… It’s their personality that I’ve fallen in love with, and can I just say that Mark captures their wild personality PERFECTLY in his every day photos.

I’m always excited when I see new photos from Mark… “YES, he posted new poodle pictures! WOW, these are fantastic! C’mon Sparky, lets go get some new ‘oodle’ pictures of you, too!”.

Not only does Mark take brilliant Poodle and Doodle pictures, but his photos of nature are just as breathtaking! The flowers, the grass, the trees, the skies, the water, it’s all amazing! This guy has a real talent at capturing animals and nature at it’s best, and I look forward to seeing more wonderful and inspiring photos from him in the future!

Thanks for all your work Mark, keep it up!”


Meg P. wrote:

“I can’t remember how I came across Mark’s photostream now, but I am so glad I did. Mark takes magical, creative and inspiring photos, and I always look forward to his next upload. I particularly love seeing his two beautiful dogs, Autumn and Sampson, whose characters and adventures are captured so wonderfully in all his dog photos, I feel as though I know them.  I look forward to seeing lots more of your beautiful work (and wonderful doggies!) in the future.”


Kelly Hall wrote:

“As everyone who has seen Mark’s photography sees, he shoots the most amazing action and stills of his beautiful dogs Sampson and Autumn. However, if you have a viewed the slide-show of his work (I suggest you do if you haven’t) on black you will see the depth of talent that Mark has,amazing and really relaxing to view!”


Stephanie H. wrote:

“What wonderful photos Mark takes. His love for his dogs come through with each one of his amazing photos. His photos are both artistic and unique and I gain much inspiration from them. Mark is also a awesome contact. Always quick to comment and always thoughtful. I feel like I know Autumn and Sampson and look forward to many, many more great captures of them.”


Sapna wrote:

“Mark – A photographer with a big heart and a wide perspective.

His gallery just ooozes with his love for his poodle darlings.  It’s just a joy to see his love for his dogs and their love for him and his lens too.  It’s so hard to bring out the expressions in animals but he does it with just one swooosh of his magic wand.

His work has simplicity and he has a great sense of timing which works so well with his vision.

Love your work Mark

Keep it up!”